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Did Mark and Digger get arrested, or does everything ends with Moonshiners’ Stars Jail rumours?

Did Mark and Digger get arrested
Did Mark and Digger get arrested

Mark Ramsey and Digger Manes, who star in the show ‘Moonshiners,’ are two well-known unscripted television characters. They are the dynamic duos behind the production of Moonshine, a high-proof distilled liquor that is prohibited.

Are they legal or only try to prove themselves?

Manes and Mark Ramsey are good friends and business partners when creating Moonshine, a high-proof distilled liquor that is illegal. Moonshiners, a Discovery Channel show, features the couple. Many people have commented on how odd it is that Digger and Mark are in a program where they disobey the law. When the episode initially aired in 2011, some wondered how they weren’t willfully condemning themselves by revealing their criminal conduct.

Everyone is perplexed as to why the local authorities allow them to continue the show despite their illegal activities. The Virginia State Police answered, noting that no illegal alcohol was produced due to the event. The show’s designers developed the scenario to pique the audience’s interest. The distillery couple, arrested and currently incarcerated, have also been accused.

Why Aren’t Moonshiners Arrested?

Even though they say Digger and Mark’s arrest warrants do not exist and are undocumented, they are detained after the cameras are turned off. Several other cast members have been arrested throughout the show. Two late Popcorn Sutton received the harshest punishment in 2008 for illegally possessing a handgun and having several liters of distilled alcohol. Up until now, two of them have effectively operated the corporation while avoiding the reach of the authorities. The couple believes the authorities have more serious issues to deal with than a probe into their Moonshine operation.

Since the show’s beginning in 2011, practically everyone has had the same thoughts. So why haven’t they been arrested yet if they engage in unlawful activities? First, due to the relative difficulty of proving the illegality of the drink, local authorities will presumably lack jurisdiction to launch an investigation into what they see on television. Furthermore, because the Moonshine is created deep in the Appalachian forests, law enforcement cannot determine whether they are distilling illegal booze, and Discovery airs Moonshiners months after the shot.

“We can’t allow ourselves to be identified by the law because what we’re doing is illegal,” Mark said. “Every day, we wonder if this is the day they’ll be knocking on our door,” Digger says. There’s no proof that Digger and Mark have ever been arrested for moonshining because everything is done undercover.

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