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Donna Barber, A Teacher In Florida, Resigns After The Sheriff Makes Sexual Video Chats With A Prisoner 

Donna Barber
Image credit- fox News

Florida instructor Donna Barber resigned last week after it was discovered that she was conducting graphic video discussions with her prisoner companion from her office while lessons were in place, according to the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office.

Who Is Donna Barber?

Teacher Donna Barber, 52, of Franklin County made the decision to retire after learning that she would probably be let go.

The situation came to light earlier this month after Franklin County Sheriff A.J. Smith ordered a staff member to monitor inmates’ video discussions at the local jail.

During several of her correspondences with prisoner Lawrence Ray, the observer noticed Barber undressing and having sexually explicit conversations.

This week, Florida instructor Donna Barber resigned due to her inappropriate video chats with Lawrence Ray, an inmate.

Video Went Viral

According to Smith, a video assessment of their earlier contacts revealed Barber and Ray were holding similarly graphic video conferences, some from Barber’s school office throughout the workday.

Donna Barber

Image credit- Fox News

In a Facebook video posted earlier this month, the sheriff expressed his concerns about improper interactions between inmates and visitors while highlighting Barber’s situation.

Smith told The Post, “I believe parents have a right to know who is instructing their children. “I released this because of that.”

During her calls with the prisoner Lawrence Ray, 52-year-old Barber was observed having sex with him and taking off her clothes.

The sheriff claimed that after the video received more than 25,000 views, he eventually removed it because of objectionable remarks.

Lawrence Ray And Donna Barber Had A Vdeo Conference

A.J. Smith, the sheriff of Franklin County, published screenshots of Barber’s conversations with Ray.

Smith’s screenshots show both sides in a split-screen configuration, with Barber in her classroom and Ray at a cafeteria with other prisoners in the background.

Prison video chats, according to Smith, have increased in popularity recently because they don’t require as much personnel as in-person visits.

According to a school source, Barber’s destiny caused disagreement among parents and staff members despite the fact that she was a well-liked teacher who had been teaching for close to 30 years.


1. Who is Donna Barber?

A. She is a veteran Franklin County teacher

2. What is her profession?

A. Teacher

3. What is Donna Barber Nationality?


4. How old is Donna Barber?

A. 52 years old

5. What happened to Donna Barber?

A. She is terminated from her post

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