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Donna Eye Missing Update: Where is Donna Eye Now?

Donna Eye missing

Donna Eye Missing Update: According to recent reports, it has been revealed that a Major Case Squad has been activated to find Donna Eye, a 44-year-old missing woman from Washington County. According to their reports, Donna Eye was last seen on January 9 near Shirley School Road in Washington County wearing a gray hooded sweatshirt and blue jeans. The news of her disappearance was given by her family member. After that, efforts are being made by the local police to find her but till now no clue has been found about her whereabouts. We have discussed in detail all the things related to the disappearance of Donna Eye in this article.

Donna Eye missing Update

Where is Donna Eye Now?

According to the statement of Donna Eye’s family, she was last seen on January 9 on Shirley School Road, after which there is no information about how she is or what her condition is. According to her brother Ronald, Donna Eye was suffering from mental illness which caused swelling in her brain and she was not fully able to walk.

According to Captain Scott Reed, a deputy picked up Donna Eye from the hospital and dropped her off on Shirley School Road because Donna Eye said this was the only way to her house. After that there is no news about Donna Eye, where is she and what is her condition. After police investigated her disappearance, they found Donna Eye’s backpack containing her personal belongings on a snowy mountainside.

Her brother Ronald I. said, “She doesn’t like doing it. She doesn’t want her family to worry about her.” “We found her duffel bag that she took with her to the hospital, it contained her clothes and her makeup.”

“Normally she was with her loved ones, she went between my house, her friends’ houses or her sons’ houses. She went back and forth between Marion, Illinois, and here (Potosí). But recently he has not done so, I am doing this because of her condition,”

“A lot of people are worried. A lot of people need to know that you’re OK and what’s going on. We need closure. And if you’re the person where she’s sitting in your living room, or you Gave her a ride somewhere, we need to know that too,”

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