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Douglas Uhde accused of murdering a retired judge have passed away.

Douglas Uhde accused of murdering a retired judge have passed away

Douglas Uhde – Medical authorities have announced Uhde to be brain dead and he is kept on life support for organ philanthropy. Douglas was 56 and assumed to have targeted & murdered a retired judge. A former judge was killed in Juneay county. Wisconsin department of justice confirmed the news. Douglas was found in a basement with a possible self-made gunshot wound. A weapon was found at the death scene.

 68-year-old judge’s body was recovered on Friday morning

The Juneau County Special Tactics and Response Team entered the house and found the body of the judge.Investigative authorities informed that the judge’s killing was on purpose because he sentenced Uhde to 6 years, 167 years ago in a case.

A police official source also informed that Uhde had a long list of people to kill. it includes many high-profile names like governor Tony Evers and senate minority representative Mitch Mcconnell.

The retired judge was residing in this home in new Lisbon township.

on Friday evening Juneau country sheriff’s office got a call about possible gunshots and a man with weapons.

Law enforcement officials tried to speak to uhde. The tactical team found the former judge tied to a chair and lethally shot.

Uhde has possessed a  weapon in the past and he was sent to jail for the same by a former judge. It seems like a revenge killing.

DCI is investigating the hitlist and other evidence with the help of forensic teams and labs and crime departments from Wisconsin.

Wisconsin department has made the following number available if anyone has information about uhde (608) 266-1221.

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