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Dr Alan Blaustein- Psychiatrist Special and Testified of Johnny Depp

Dr Alan Blaustein- Psychiatrist Special and Testified of Johnny Depp

Dr Alan Blaustein is a psychiatrist specialist, MD, from Los Angeles. He graduated from the North-western University of Feinberg School of Medicine in 1983. This university is now known as McGaw Medical Center. He has a doctorate in medicine. After working as an intern at Georgetown University, he gained a fellowship in Legal Education from Illinois University. More than 20 years have passed after starting my career.

He is currently associated with Cedars Sinai Medical Center. Dr Alan came more in the frame after he overtook the case of the Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard relationship. 

Testimony of Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard by Dr Alan Blaustein: 

The personal psychiatrist of the actor Johnny Depp, Dr Alan Blaustein, reported in the court through video and said Johnny has bipolar disorder.

Bipolar is a disorder in which the sufferer is in depression, there are extreme mood swings, and sometimes acts like a maniac. The reason behind his behavior is his ex-wife Amber Heard. Also, he sometimes compared her wife to his psychotic sister and mother. Her mother used to torture him in childhood, and that’s why his mental health is not good. The actor admitted that he was having a contentious relationship with his wife, Heard. 

Dr Alan Blaustein

However, they got separated in the year 2016. But in legal terms, they’re battling in the court. The trial session of Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard is going on in Fairfax Court. The former psychiatrist handed this case to Dr Alan Blaustein and stated that Johnny was not interested in Heard during their marriage. People are showing more interest in this case and want to know about Dr Alan Blaustein. 

In Fairfax Court, Dr Alan stated that having a conversation with Depp, he may not recollect all of the conversations. He found some uncertainty in diagnosing his disease. He was not having a happy relationship with his wife, Heard. There was more anger from both sides. Johnny was irritated with the relationship. Lots of ups and downs came with a relationship. Hence, they decided to get a divorce from this irritating marriage.

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