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Drake Bell’s wife reportedly files for divorce after his missing

Drake Bell
Source: TMZ

According to divorce papers filed by Janet Von Schmeling, Drake Bell’s wife, on April 20 in Los Angeles Superior Court and acquired by E! News, the couple had been married for four years.

Janet said that she and the Drake & Josh star are no longer together and gave the reason for their divorce as “irreconcilable differences.” They split in September 2022. She is requesting spousal support and primary legal and physical custody of their 2-year-old kid.

E! News has tried to contact Drake’s representative for comment but hasn’t heard back from them.  The 36-year-old was last seen in Florida a week prior to the filing, at which time officials declared him “missing and endangered.” Drake tweeted in Spanish on April 20 claiming he was “finally” back in Mexico and intended to settle there permanently. The United States can’t hold a candle to this!

The musician continued by talking about the internet abuse he’s endured. “I can’t believe how cruel some of the posters on here can be to those who are struggling with mental health concerns. Drake said in two tweets, “It’s unbelievable how cruel you all can be.” Obviously, there’s no use in continuing to do this. All I receive are assaults. All I have left to provide is the new song I just released, so I hope you enjoy it. According to the police report acquired by E! News, Drake’s brother Robert Bell called the Florida police on April 12 out of fear for his brother after reading that the Nickelodeon alum had made suicide threats in texts sent to their mother.

Who is Drake Bell?

American actor and musician Drake Bell. At age five, he made his acting debut in the early ’90s. His father supported his early passions for the stage and music. She appeared in his first television ad when he was just five years old. In addition, he began his musical education at the tender age of 12. He was cast in supporting roles in a few films and TV series. In 2004, Drake’s career took off when he landed the title role in the Drake- and Josh-centric Nickelodeon series of the same name. The programme was well received by its target audience of young people, quickly making him a fan favourite. Drake also kept up his passion for music and made CDs available everywhere. Several of his albums charted highly on Billboard magazine’s various music polls. Some of his albums did better in Mexico than they did in the United States.

Drake Bell Career

It was in 1994 when Drake Bell first appeared on screen. The renowned TV show “Home Improvement” featured him in an episode.
When ‘Jerry Maguire’ was released in 1996, he finally got his big break. In 1998, Drake appeared in “The Frogger,” an episode of the groundbreaking sitcom Seinfeld. Drake had a career in supporting parts over the years 1999–2003. He was also a guest star on “The Amanda Show,” a live-action comedy series. Drake played a number of parts, although he was never truly recognised for any of them. In 2004, Drake was given a once-in-a-lifetime chance when he was cast as the main character in the ‘Drake & Josh’ spinoff of ‘The Amanda Show. Drake’s popularity spiked immediately after the programme premiered since it was named after him.

Drake Bell's wife reportedly files for divorce after his missing

Source: TMZ

Drake’s skill as a guitarist was important in his rise to fame. ‘Drake & Josh’ used his song ‘Found A Way’ as its theme tune. Drake persisted in pursuing his passion for music and, in 2005, he published his debut album, Telegraph, which had 12 tunes. Except for one, Drake composed all of the album’s songs. The record was so popular that it quickly sold out of its initial printing. It saw a second printing in 2007.

Drake Bell Wife

Drake Bell’s ex-wife is Janet Von Schmeling, a music producer and model. The details of how they met are not widely known, but they reportedly met in 2014 when Janet was working on a music project with Drake. They kept their relationship relatively private, but in 2017 they announced their engagement. The couple got married in June 2018 in a small ceremony in Los Angeles. Despite their split, Drake and Janet have spoken positively about each other in the media and emphasized their commitment to co-parenting their child.

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