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Drunk Flier: Chelsea Alston flees on a motorised suitcase after misbehaving with a cop

Chelsea Alston
Chelsea Alston

ORLANDO, FLORIDA: An inebriated lady has been arrested for her supposed disorderly conduct at the Orlando International Airport and declined to help out the cops who needed to pursue her. The lady is distinguished as Chelsea Alston, who escaped on her mechanised bag when official Mamone chased her on his bike during that heated fast pursuit in the premises of the air terminal. The occurrence purportedly occurred in April; however, its recording has been delivered now.

In the recording, the official who followed the 32-year-old suspect said: “We’re going to have a bike pursuing a suitcase in a minute..” according to reports, the pursuit started after the air terminal staff whined with regards to the lady to the police. She was inebriated and caused a commotion while holding back to depart from Orlando to New York.

Whenever a cop moved toward Alston, she told him, “I don’t want no beef. I’m just trying to go home and enjoy myself,” while conveying a refreshment in a plastic cup. She additionally asserted that she had not intoxicated much while hanging tight for her flight that had been postponed due to the awful climate. Also, when Orlando Police Officer Andrew Mamone informed the lady that she could not load onto the trip back home, she started hurling abuses at him.

Alston screamed, “I’m not that intoxicated! Suck my d**k! Suck my d**k! all of you suck my d**k!” while sitting on her suitcase. She also yelled, “F**k y’all,” before fleeing away. Mamone then added, “Oh man, that thing kind of goes fast,” as he went on to catch her on a cycle. “We’re about to have a bike pursuing a suitcase in a minute,” he sarcastically said.

Official Mamone finally caught up with Alston and asked her to follow him. Still, Alston refused to follow the commands, after which the officer informed her, “I’m a representative of the Orlando Police Bar, and I have been nothing but polite and professional with you. Chelsea, if this continues, you will be arrested.” And, Aliston was taken into custody, who created havoc at the airport and spat the officer and caused damage to his patrol car, which was costed more than $1,000, court records mentioned. It has been announced that Alston could face up to five years behind bars if found guilty of each offence.

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