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The shooter who tried to shoot kids inside Duncanville Fieldhouse was recognized.

The shooter who tried to shoot kids inside Duncanville Fieldhouse was recognized.

All children are safe in a summer camp. A random man barged in with a gun and tried to use firearms in a fitness center. The accused’s identity has been recognized. 250 kids were attending summer camps in Duncanville Fieldhouse when a man tried to shoot bullets.

“Due to the ongoing investigation being conducted by the Texas Department of Public Safety, Duncanville Police Department will not be releasing any additional information about the suspect or the shooting incident at this time,” Duncanville Police shared a statement on the day of the shooting.

Duncanville Police, and the Dallas County Medical Examiner’s Office both verified and confirmed the identity of the accused. the potential shooter was bradon Keith Ned, age 42, Dallas.

Ned and the policeman faced each other and exchanged bullets. The clash took place at the gym and fitness center. Ned was shot by police and was taken to a local hospital where he couldn’t survive and died. “Officers quickly located and exchanged gunfire with a suspect armed with a handgun. The suspect was wounded during the exchange,police department gave the statement.

Police department’s quick response.

police were given a call of a potential shooter with active weapons at 8:43.police arrived at the gymnasium at 8:45. Police saved 250 children who were present at the moment. Children were as small as 4 from 14 were enjoying in the gym at the time. all the employees, children, and police officials are unharmed.

The shooter trespassed”through the main lobby doors with a handgun,” and at least one round of bullets was then fired. Duncanville Assistant Chief of Police Matthew Stogner informed at the press conference. the first gunshot created a panic and teachers in the building immediately started to move children to a safer zone and lock doors.

 Duncanville Fieldhouse

“Camp and Fieldhouse’s staff followed lockdown procedures. Due to the clear-headed actions of staff and the quick response time of law enforcement, there were no additional injuries,” Source: CNN

“Duncanville Police officers followed their training, and the City commends them for their actions today.” Police department informed.

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