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Dylan Eason murdered his stepmother along with Isaish & Stepson, punished with life-long imprisonment

Dylan Eason
Dylan Eason

Dylan Eason was given a prisoned punishment rather than the death penalty as his father wanted. Eason and his friend have committed a serious crime; Thus, they are punished with lifelong imprisonment. Dylan Eason belongs to Colorado, but Cynthia was not Eason’s biological mother. It is an actual reason he hasn’t hesitated to kill his stepmother.

Do Dylan Eason dead:

No, Dylan Eason hadn’t been punished with dead punishment; instead of that, he was punished with lifelong imprisonment. He was accused of having done murder her mother. Dylan Eason was prisoned at Fremont Correctional Facility in Canon, Colorado, as the prison record suggests. But because of the death of Jon’s wife, he cursed his son to get death taking the punishment for him, but he was life long-imprisoned only.

Eason committed this crime on the 1300 block of Jasmine Street, Burlington. After lots of investigation, Dylan Eason and Isaiah Churchwell were accused of leading this crime. Isaiah Churchwell was 24 years old, and Dylan Eason was 19th when they committed this crime.

The murder of Jon’s wife Cynthia Eason by his son and others:

According to the report, it revealed the exact way by which Cynthia Eason was shot dead. Dylan Eason and Isaiah Churchwell get into Cynthia’s house after breaking the door. They both were highly drugged and went inside the house with only the motive of stealing drugs out from the house. They were not in any plan to kill Cynthia Eason. But unfortunately, they were caught by Cynthia Eason; they tried to assault her and beat her brutally. After that, they kept her dead body in the bedroom itself on the night of 29th April 2016.

During this whole incident, the father of Dylan, who is also the husband of Cynthia, was not present at the house. He was broken after his wife’s died and fell, so heartbroken after he came to know that his child killed his wife.

What punishment did Dylan Eason get:

Dylan Eason was declared convicted after many trials, which happened for about two weeks during March 2017. After a long time of contemplation went, which is about to 8 hours, after which the judges found him guilty along with Isaiah Churchwell for the cause of doing aggressive robbery along with charges of murder. He has been punished with lifelong imprisonment for doing such a vulgar crime.

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