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Edna Cintron last woman safely waving from the world trade center during the 9/11 attack

Edna Cintron last woman safely waving from the world trade center during the 9_11 attack

Edna Cintron – At morning 8:46 a.m on september 11, 2001. Two flights were controlled and attacked the world trade center.

The attack was so severe that all the exit gates were damaged. People above the 92-second floor were trapped but that is beyond a point because everyone else in the building died too in the attack.

Edna was seen trying to escape with colleagues and that is the last person who was seen from that building. she was killed and her body was never recovered. She died at that age . she was born on October 14, 1954. her mother took her to Newyork when she was a child (5)

It is the most interesting picture that some people recognized despite the really bad quality pictures. So many pictures and videos of the same incident are available.

She was with survivors when the building collapsed. They were killed as the entire building material fell on them.

“Of all the images and recollections from this day, the ones of the trapped people who eventually hung out the windows and jumped are the ones I will always remember,” one user said.

The building was burning for over one hour and the temperature was over 1000 degrees. there was a rare chance that anyone would survive such heat. The victims died of excessive smoke, were scared of the fire, and killing from jumping.

There is not much information available about her family. over 3000 people died during the attack on 9/11. the mystery around her death will never be solved.

A lot of people sent her condolence messages.

“Edna left a beautiful memory for all of us that knew her to enjoy. While she is truly missed, may her memory NEVER die.

Tim Sanford, Colleague

Please may your example not be in vain. May my daughter never have the same end. Please, everybody, live with dignity and real care for all so that not one person on this small earth will desire to cause harm to another. You have my vote for a person of the world from the beginning of time until the end of everything.

Lawrence Grant, Colleague

The image of Edna standing in the opening left by the plane hitting the tower proves that there were no fires there hot enough to melt giant steel beams. I feel it was God’s will to have Edna stand there as proof that she and the others in those towers were murdered by Neo-Cons inside our own government. Bless you, Edna! We love you!

Robert Johnson, Friend”

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