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Ehab Nassif is suspected of sexual contact with the shopper at the supermarket.

Ehab Nassif is suspected of sexual contact with the shopper at the supermarket.
Ehab Nassif is suspected of sexual contact with the shopper at the supermarket.

After a fellow shopper claimed he followed her throughout a Lidl grocery on US Route 9 South in Howell on Feb. 12, Ehab E. Nassif, 59, was charged with fourth-degree criminal sexual contact. A woman told police that on Feb. 12, she was followed around the Lidl supermarket on Route 9 South by a man wearing a black mask, gloves, and a baseball cap. According to her allegation, the male then brushed himself against her.

Victim woman’s review towards Nassif:

On Feb. 13, the lady who reported the incident to police said she observed the man do the same thing to another woman. When she said the supermarket employees about it, the man fled without being identified, according to police. According to the victimised woman, Nassif allegedly did the same thing to another shopper, but he ran the supermarket before police could locate him.

After seeing a report of the alleged molestation on social media, a “concerned citizen” called cops late last week to say a man matching the suspect’s description was at a HomeGoods on US Route 9 North. “The witness claimed to see the man walking down many aisles in the store, purposefully extending out his arm and hand to graze the buttocks of female consumers,” police said.

Finally, police find out the victim:

Nassif is suspected of victimising others, according to police. Anyone with information should call the Howell Police Department at (732) 938-4575. Several ladies posted that they knew Nassif from previous shopping interactions, including one at an unnamed Dollar Tree. “He looks like the man I saw in Walmart a couple of years ago,” one woman claimed, “but I wouldn’t be able to identify him positively.” “I’m relieved he’s been apprehended.”

Another woman was far more forthright, claiming that she had reported Nassif to Walmart security two years prior. “When he followed me across the aisles, he grazed my thigh,” the second woman stated. “I was about to lay him out when he bolted towards the toy department when I asked what his problem was.” Nassif’s phone number in New Jersey was unavailable on Wednesday. It’s unknown whether he’s retained an attorney to represent him.

Nassif of Howell was eventually recognised as the offender and caught at his house without incident. Multiple articles of clothes matching the initial victim’s description were discovered at his home, according to cops.

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