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Elizabeth Rose Struhs 8 year old was allegedly murdered by Toowoomba religious group

Elizabeth Rose Struhs 8 year old was allegedly murdered by Toowoomba religious group.

Queensland police believe Toowoomba religious group murdered the 8-year-old Elizabeth. Toowoomba is a home-based religious group and a total of 12 members have to appear in court to defend themselves from these allegations.

The girl was under medication and the group believed their prayers and songs can heal the girl. They forcibly stopped her medication because of their misunderstanding of belief. the girl could not survive the medication and the 8-year-old child is no more.

Elizabeth Rose Struhs was a diabetic.

Brendan stevens 60, his wife Loretta 65 and 6 other relatives are also going to face court. many young people also took part in this incident.

4 other people associated with the group Zachary Struhs, 19, Keita Courtney, 20, Samantha Crouch, 24, and Lachlan Schoenfisch, 32 have to appear in court on the allegations of murder of an 8-year-old.

Elizabeth was a diabetic and she needed her medication on a regular basis. the medical team was not called even after 24 hours by the family.

Her parents  Kerrie Elizabeth Struhs and Jason Richard Struhs are currently in jail for the allegation of stopping the medical supply for her children. They have not pleaded guilty yet.

The 12 people were present in the same house when they were arrested by local police. A total of 14 accused is currently in custody. They were also part of a small religious group that was also singing and praying when the children died. 

Acting Det Supt Garry Watts said all these accused were present and aware of the children’s medical conditions. they were with the child when the medicine was stopped. the child’s condition was getting worse but none of them went to the hospital or gave her prescribed insulin.

Elizabeth Rose Struhs 8 year old was allegedly murdered by Toowoomba religious group.

The religious group has a total of 3 families.

Her father has asked for bail on the grounds that he has a child at his home who needs to be taken care of. The oldest girl in their family ran away at the age of 16. she was questioned about the practices by her parents and they had no answer for it.

The girl should come forward and tell people in detail what else happened in that house.

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