On Nov. 12, 2018, iconic Marvel Comics man Stan Lee died at age 95. The works of the writer, editor and publisher were are widely regarded for his contributions in American media and rightfully so — Stanley Martin Lieber’s work since the founding of Marvel in 1939 has transcended several generations. For many fans of the comics and the cinematic universe, he will truly be missed.

Legends never truly die, however. And luckily, popular YouTube channel SuperHeroesEvolution had the foresight to chronicle Lee’s collection of cameos in December 2017. Long before anyone could ever fathom Lee passing roughly a year later, the channel was hard at work on what could now be one of YouTube’s most watched videos.

One MACG Magazine team member shared her thoughts on Lee’s passing.

I was never the biggest Marvel fan, mainly because my comic interests were always limited to X-Men, Batman, Archie Comics and manga. But I remember distinctly seeing The Amazing Spider-man (2012). A huge fight happening in the background, tables and books flying everywhere and the camera focuses on this old dude in headphones reading. I had no idea it was Stan Lee, but I really couldn’t remember anything about the movie after that point because that dude completely stole the movie for me.

So I guess what I remember most about him is his sense of humor was just exceptional. Upon learning more about him it was clear that he was just a cool guy, open-minded, outspoken. He was the grandpa kids wanted because he’d teach you life lessons while slipping you candy and $10 bills under the table. He was also such a huge proponent of justice in more ways than just writing superheroes.

I don’t feel sad. I rarely do for people who’ve lived nearly a century because their lives have been rich and full. I rather celebrate them for the life they had. The same goes for Stan Lee. He’ll definitely be missed, but I don’t mourn. I celebrate and know that he probably would’ve had a good ass laugh about all this.

He’ll probably cameo in a film about his life in some way.

So from our team to you, the mutual fan, we hope that you enjoy this cool compilation. Stan Lee has died. Long live Stan Lee … cameos.

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