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Episode 16 of ‘The Secret House’ Release Date, Reviews, Trailer

Episode 16 of ‘The Secret House’ Release Date, Reviews, Trailer
Episode 16 of ‘The Secret House’ Release Date, Reviews, Trailer

In episode 16, ‘The Secret House,’ her life might be in danger if woo-sol will not get a quick liver transplant. Ji Hwan can not find him at the nursing home. He found that Sol had been admitted to the hospital after returning home. In the episode, Tae Hyung is very happy as Joo Hong is back in his life. 

He is the youngest solicitor he is going to enter into politics, and he has the dreams of becoming a president someday. Although this was not enough for him after so many tries, he was rejected by Joo Hong and went to Ji Hwan. Then after some time, finally, they both expressed their feelings and started dating each other.

Till now, episodes know what had happened in ‘The Secret House’ –

In the previous episodes, you can see that Ji Hwan’s mother is alive. But also, at the same time, she will have a severe mental illness. So she runs away from the nursing home and is trapped at the end of the city where she lives. After the police had taken her to the police station, the nurse working for Sook Jin came and took her away. 

In the upcoming episodes of ‘The Secret House,’ all the story will be around Ji Hwan trying to save his mother. When one of her college friends saw her mother in the nursing home and told him, he ran to confirm, although he could not find her there.


Know the release date of ‘The Secret House’ Episode 16 –

As we will see in episode 16, Tae Hyung will be living his dream life as he is a great prosecutor and will be in politics as the youngest man. In Episode 16, many things will be getting cleared up. On 2nd May 2022, ‘The Secret House’ Episode 16 will be released. 

This series is a South Korean drama and is a television broadcast series by the MBC channel. People living in South Korea can easily watch upcoming episodes on the official channel. Unfortunately, there is no official site to watch for the international people and no information regarding this.

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