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Eric Rohan Justin: Stalker who was killed by an ex-cop

Eric Rohan Justin_ Stalker who was killed by an ex-cop
Eric Rohan Justin_ Stalker who was killed by an ex-cop

A 15-year-old TikTok celebrity and her family have disclosed how her ex-cop father shot and killed a stalker who came up at the family’s home in July and attempted to kill the girl by blowing the front door open with his weapon. When Ava Majury was 13 years old, she started using TikTok. She now has over one million followers across three accounts she manages.

Most of her videos feature her singing, dancing, or playing practical jokes with her friends and family.

After purchasing her personal information from her pals, an 18-year-old stalker named Eric Rohan Justin found her down in Naples, Florida, last July. He arrived at the family’s home with a handgun and fired a single shot through the door. His firearm jammed as a result of the miss. All I remember is hearing it, feeling it in my chest, and looking up to see a hole in my door from the fragments,’ Ava said in an essay published in The New York Times on Thursday.

Story Behind the Shoot:

Ava and her brothers, ages 17 and 11, hid in their parents’ bedroom, while Robert, a retired cop, took his firearm and marched to the front of the home. When Eric reappeared after a brief period of hiding, Robert fatally shot him. He was never charged because the killing was found acceptable under Florida’s Stand Your Ground statutes. The incident was never made public by the police, but now the family is coming up. They described how they relocated from Jersey City, where Robert worked as a cop, to Florida, seeking a simpler life once he retired. Ava began her TikTok career there, which captivated Justin.

Under the handle EricJustin111, he left comments on her sites, harassed her with messages, and contacted her old pals in New Jersey. They sold him non-online images of her and gave him her phone number. The amount he spent on her phone number is unknown. Ava’s parents then gave her permission to sell selfies to him directly. She said they were benign, displaying merely her smile, which is also visible on her TikTok account. Robert phoned him and reminded him that Ava was a child when he asked for more explicit content.

He felt enraged when he was told to stop contacting her. He began threatening Ava’s friends through text messages. Justin arrived at the family’s home at 4.30 a.m. on July 10, 2021, and fired a shot through the front door.

Robert went for his firearm while Ava, her mother, and her two boys ran to the back of the home.

After Eric’s gun jammed, he fled, giving Robert enough time to reach the front of the house. Eric resurfaced when he arrived, and he shot and murdered him before the cops came. Justin’s father, Justin Dominic, a software engineer who is divorced from Justin’s mother, told The New York Times that after his parents divorced in 2015, his son chose to stay in America rather than move to India with him and that he had no knowledge he was following Ava.

He didn’t say how he discovered her address. She claims a boy at her school had been following her in December and had texted Eric Justin. Ava is now being educated at home. It was described as a house invasion by police at the time. They didn’t name any of the people who were involved.

‘The subject was most likely a stalker as a result of her daughter’s substantial social media activity,’ according to the police report.

What happened after:

According to the New York Times, Ava got messages on Venmo in August, months after the shooting, from a different man who offered her $1,000 for her phone number. According to The New York Times, the man who called her “baby girl” had the same name as a registered sex offender who had previously been arrested for soliciting a 14-year-old girl. It didn’t stop there, though. According to her relatives, the boy who had talked with Eric Justin and attended high school with Ava began following her around and watching her every move. A classmate showed her a video that the boy had created.

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