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Eric Thompson Hawaii: 34, accused of doing murder by the fatal shooting of Jon Tokuhara Waipahu acupuncturist, at the clinic

Eric Thompson Hawaii
Eric Thompson Hawaii

One of the 34-year-old men has been witnessed because of its connection with the shooting death of Jon Tokuhara in Waipahu.

Eric H.Thomson is estimated to be produced in the Honolulu District Court Thursday because he was accused of doing second-degree murder and also because of the case of using a firearm in one of the commissions of a separate felony. After Thompson gets arrested by the police at 6:10 p.m in Wailupe on Monday and after some time reported as 3 hours, released back after charging fine.

According to a report presented by court documents, it is found that Thompson’s wife and Tokuhara were having relationship status in 2021. After that, the wife of Thompson breaks the relationship this connection with Tokuhara after she finds that her husband came to know about this.

On the day of 13th Jan, the mother of Tokuhara saw her son, who was fatally shot in a clinic of his own. The clinic’s name is Tokuhara Acupuncture and Healthcare, located in Waipahu Depot Street. One of the medical examiners of Honolulu found the exact cause of death, which was estimated as a wound caused due to a gunshot on the head. According to the court, the way death happens is put in the category of homicide.

On the police affidavit, it is mentioned that their excellent detectives have found all the text message conversations between the Tokuhara and the wife of Thompson. The detectives fetched all the details about their relationship between mid-May to July 2021. The wife of Thompson informed Touhara in July that they won’t be able to continue their relationship since her husband gets to know about them.

What justice Jon gets and how family friends gather for honoring a man who was shot in Waipahu:

According to the court statement, it was found that Tokuhara always wanted to have a long relationship with their wife of Thompson. Still, she refused to continue it anymore because her husband got to know about this, and she had not wanted to leave her husband for him. In July 2021, the wife of Thompson’s informed Tokuhara that they wouldn’t continue this anymore since her husband knew about them. If they continued it further, the connection between her and her husband would worsen.

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