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Eva Prather Missing Update: Where is Eva Prather Now?

Eva Prather Missing

Eva Prather Missing Update: The search for missing Eva Prather is still going on. According to police reports, it is being said that hoardings are being put up across the state to search for her. So that the police can get help in finding Eva Prather, mother of two children and loving wife. Her husband and children are very sad after her disappearance. We have discussed in detail all the things related to Eva Prather missing in this article.

Eva Prather Missing Update 2024

According to police reports, it has been said that Eva Prather was last seen at her home on December 30. According to her husband, it has been told that she was not wearing clothes according to the weather and she had left the house without her wallet and keys. Her age is stated to be 43 years and her height is stated to be 5 feet 4 inches. Her weight is said to be 130 lbs. Her eye color is said to be blue and her hair color is said to be brown. He has a botanical tattoo on her back. He is wearing a band in her hand.

After her disappearance, Eva Prather’s friend Katie Nesci said that “there is so much love inside her.” “She’s a really lovely person.”

“I first met her partner Dave in 2011. We did some work together and then I met Eva.” Every week we would go to each other’s houses, spend time with each other’s children. Give each other breaks and things like that.”

“You can see it in the way she talks about her kids or interacts with her kids or talks to your kids.”

“It’s been a while at this point, and we’re still very hopeful. We’re still looking,” “We’re here, we’re looking, and we want to find her. She could be anywhere, So I think it’s really important to keep spreading her image.”

“We have no way of knowing what Eva was thinking. Rational thinking is not something that occurs in those scenarios.” Around mental health and I’ve seen a fair amount of ignorance around it. I think there have been a lot of questions asked about why someone would do something like that. Or like, ‘She loves her kids so much, I can’t believe she would do that.’ And like, I’ve always really wanted to try to reduce that stigma around mental health.”

Following the disappearance of Eva Prather, the City of Missoula Police Department said in a statement via social media Facebook post on January 9, 2024:


The Missoula Police Department continues its determined effort to locate Ms. Eva Masin Prather, who went missing on December 30th. Despite ongoing investigation and following multiple leads, no information has surfaced to indicate her current location or well-being. The MPD is actively exploring every avenue to bring resolution to this matter and appeals to the public for any assistance that may lead to vital clues.

In the aftermath of the comprehensive search conducted on Saturday and the subsequent investigative efforts, there is still no breakthrough in the case. The Missoula Police Department remains focused and dedicated to resolving this matter swiftly.

In this challenging time, the MPD extends heartfelt gratitude to Ms. Prather’s family and the numerous volunteers who have selflessly dedicated their time and efforts to aid in the search. Their unwavering commitment and resilience in the face of adversity exemplify the strength of community solidarity. The Missoula Police Department acknowledges the invaluable role these individuals play in supporting the ongoing investigation.

The MPD encourages anyone with information regarding Eva Masin Prather’s whereabouts to come forward and contact the Missoula Police Department the non-emergency number at (406) 552-6300, referencing MPD case number 2023-56230. Every piece of information, no matter how small, is crucial in ensuring Eva’s safe return.”

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