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Ex – BBB Rodrigo Mussi Suffered a Car Accident.

Ex – BBB Rodrigo Mussi Suffered a Car Accident.
Ex – BBB Rodrigo Mussi Suffered a Car Accident.

The ex: BBB Rodrigo Mussi has been making headlines for a very long. There has been an apprehension that the former BBB is dead as he had suffered a fatal accident.

Rodrigo Mussi Accident, Health Update

Rodrigo Mussi, the ex – BBB, has been in the top news for a long time. He is a favourite fan, and all his fans love him dearly. Unfortunately, there has been news circulating on social media that Rodrigo has suffered an accident in SAU Paulo. The accident news was confirmed through his official account. The accident came as a shock to all of his fans, and they all have sent him good wishes and get well soon wishes. 

He was immediately admitted to Hospital Das Clinicas and has probably suffered fatal injuries. The hospital is located downtown in Sau Paulo. In a press conference held, it was said that his condition is very delicate, but it is fairly stable. In a nutshell, he is still on high medications but is probably in a better condition. 

One of his loved ones had tweeted that he had suffered head trauma and multiple body fractures. It was also said that he is being operated on for the different fractures and is also under treatment for his head injury. Sources have said that he was not wearing a seat belt. The car collided with a truck, and the traveller was thrown out of the car fatally. 

Meanwhile, Rodrigo Mussi is an influencer and was a participant in big brother Brazil. He was the 2nd eliminated contestant in the show. There hasn’t been any substantial information about his injuries yet. We aren’t sure whether he is alive or not.

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