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Experts Predict Spike In The Bitcoin Value In 2022 And The Launch Of New Crypto Coins

Experts Predict Spike In The Bitcoin Value In 2022 And The Launch Of New Crypto Coins

The crypto market will witness a rise in the values of the coins. The investor might derive huge profits. The experts predict that several crypto coins, including Bitcoin, will surge in worth in the next year.

A meme-based coin Shiba Inu has surprised the experts. The US Sun reports that Avalanche, Stellar, and Qtum will perform better in 2022. Ethereum and Bitcoin witnessed an increase at the fag end of the year before Christmas. Coinbase reports that Shiba Inu increased by 22 percent while Ethereum and Bitcoin rose by three and seven percent, respectively.

Experts Predict Spike In The Bitcoin Value In 2022 And The Launch Of New Crypto Coins

The Investment Has Increased Manifold In The Last Three Years

The crypto investments rose to record values in 2021. The investors contributed $30 billion to the crypto market. The US investors form a significant portion of the total investment. The increase in the number of investors results from changing preferences of investors. In recent years, investors have preferred crypto over other means of investment. Crypto trading is relatively smooth and includes less charge than conventional currencies. The US investors invested $7.2 billion this year. The overall investment in the crypto market increased to 400% in the previous years. The total investment was $8 million in 2018.

The investors have plans regarding long-term investments in the crypto markets. The volatility of the crypto market is one of the downsides. The US Sun quoted the Bank of America spokesperson Mark Pipitone, who said, “The bank sees potential in blockchain, and we’re currently a leading patent holder in the space with more than 160 patents. But we still haven’t found use at scale to make the financial lives of our customers and clients better.”

Banks And Other Institutions Are Adopting Crypto

Several banks have also started to recognize the advantages that crypto brings to the table. They have cleared that crypto is the future of investment in different fields. Several startups based on crypto are likely to witness unprecedented growth shortly. The US Sun quoted the New York Times, “Bank of America’s chief executive, Brian Moynihan, barred the giant company’s wealth managers from putting any client money into cryptocurrency-related investments.”


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