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Fabian O’Neill Dead, Former Football Player for Cagliari and Juventus Passed Away

Fabian O'Neill
Fabian O'Neill, Credits: People

Fabian O’Neill, a former football player for Cagliari and Juventus, lost suddenly in the last few hours after being treated in intensive care in a Montevideo hospital. On social media, the brother of the former athlete announced it. We regret to inform you of the untimely passing of Fabian O’Neill. The former Uruguay midfielder reportedly passed away on Sunday, December 25, 2022. All of his loved ones and well-wishers are in deep sorrow and mourning following his unexpected departure. He was a fantastic player whose absence will always be felt, according to Uruguay’s soccer organization, which shared the heartbreaking news.

Fabian O’Neill Death

No one could believe that he had passed away, so as the tragic news was revealed, tribute posts and condolence letters filled the internet. Find out everything here. O’Neill was born in Paso de Los Toros, Uruguay, on October 14, 1973. He was 49 at the time. O’Neill, who retired from football in 2003 after playing 136 games for Cagliari and scoring 16 goals, was already very ill in the hospital in July 2020 due to issues with his liver and urinary tract. There were reports of other alcohol-related health issues, such as acute liver cirrhosis, two and a half years ago.

Who was Fabian O’Neill?

The midfielder was admitted to the hospital on Saturday, according to additional information from ESPN. According to reports, he suffered from chronic liver disease and bled to death. For the same, Fabian was receiving treatment. The man received all the necessary medical care, but despite it, he was unable to be saved and died at the young age of 49. His loved ones are now curious about how he passed away. Everyone would agree that 49 is not the ideal age to pass away, but we are all obligated to do so in opposition to God’s designs.

Fabian O'Neill

Fabian O’Neill, Credits: People

It has been revealed that Fabian O’Neill’s friends and loved ones called him “The Magician.” People referred to him as the most skilled football player they had ever seen while also saying that he lacked consistency and had trouble keeping his head up. According to reports, Fabian performed his entrance and best songs in 1995.

Fabian O’Neill Career

In 1995, O’Neill landed in Cagliari. Then came the transfers to Perugia from 2000 to 2002, Juventus from 2000 to 2002, and lastly Cagliari. He made 115 appearances in all of Serie A, scoring 11 goals and providing 4 assists. In 2003, he concluded his career at Nacional in Uruguay.

Fabian O’Neill Wife

The details of O’Neill’s romantic life are sketchy. But he was the one to make his marriage known in an interview: “I was loved by everyone at Juve. Additionally, there were Chilean Salas. But Montero and I always went out together. A party was once held in Inzaghi’s place, and the women from the TV shows were invited (the showgirls). They also encouraged me to dance and drink beer. Except for me, they all ended up having s**. How lovely, huh? I told my wife, “Look, last night we were with all of them and I didn’t go out with any of them,” when I saw the same females on television the following day.”

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