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False alarm made to Clifton Costco lockdown.

False alarm made to Clifton Costco lockdown
False alarm made to Clifton Costco lockdown

According to some reports, Costco is present in the Clifton who went to lockdown. And this was supposed to be held on Sunday afternoon, but the gan shoots were somehow proved to be false. According to the police, there were no gunshots. Instead, there came out a sound of a lady who yelled that there was a guy who had a gun with him.

What are the actual reports behind it?

People don’t know how exactly it was locked down, but according to the officers, they made to clear the building, but no gunshots were used. If anything happened like anxiety attacks to anyone, medical emergencies were available for people. Further, the investigations are carried out on how the call was initiated. Going deep into the reports, the shooter is unfounded, and a similar incident happened in Jan 2020 when a report of the shooter came out at the Dollar Tree on Franklin alive, but that was also unfounded. So it was a kind of false alarm to the people. 

Where were the shots supposed to be held?

There happened to be a road rage incident where the shots were fired, and the police recovered the bullet from the front side of the vehicle at the door. There was also the interchange of the routes at routes 70 and 88. One of the drivers on Route 78 said that the truck driver fired a shot, and a road rage incident took place. At the other time, there was also a gunshot to the woman driving to the Toyota Camry, which was also along the same route.

This happened off the gunshot when someone was picking up the food, and he heard the sound of a lady who yelled with the notice that there was a guy with the gun.

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