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Family horrified and traumatized after Texas fugitive murders grandchildren and Old person.

Family horrified and traumatized after Texas fugitive murders grandchildren and Old person

Family horrified and traumatized after Texas fugitive murders grandchildren and Old person. A fugitive fatally targeted five relatives from one family on June 3, 2022. Locals have arranged a community vigil at Tombhall high school, texas. Gonzalo Lopez was a convicted murderer who was on the loose after breaking away from a prison vehicle. Texas law officers shot him lethally after he took the life of five people. 4 of Gonzalo’s victims were children. He ran off with a truck from their weekend home according to officials. civilians at Centersvill have become ever so cautious in the past three weeks since the search operation began after a hitman who worked for a drug cartel wreaked havoc. Gonzalo penetrated a knife to a prison transport official before breaking away from the bus.

Gonzale was chased and shot in Atascosa County, south of San Antonio.

Gonzale ran away almost 220 Miles before he was shot down by the officers after a chase. Gonzalo(46) raced in a looted car but couldn’t run far. officer’s investigation revealed he also stole two firearms including a AR 15 style rifle and a pistol. these weapons were found with his body in the looted truck after he was shot dead.

“This is something that you can’t imagine ever to happen in a small community like this,” expressed Tuffy Loftin, 61, minister in Centerville.

Centersville community was stressed since Gonzaloo stabbed bus driver of the jail. break away took place between Dallas and Houston. The Texas police department is still trying to figure out how Gonzalo attained a stabbing weapon and was able to overpower the driver.

How did Gonzale manage to break free from his cuffs and escaped the bus cage?

“The town has really been on edge, especially that first 10 days when he was out missing and nobody knew where he was,” said Davis from buffalo.

Gonzales worked for the Mexican drug mafia and was a hitman for at least two prison gangs.

“These precious people who loved and were loved by so many will never be forgotten,” family told so.

“the greatest character, the deepest faith and unrelenting kindness and love.”

Steve Bezner, the family’s close minister shared his pain.

Loftin, a minister at the Cowboy Church, said he visited the family’s weekend home many times which also features a “beautiful fishing lake and a pier,” to help with cattle management. He called them “good, salt of the earth people.”

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