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Famous singer Tania Marissa passes away

Tania Marissa passes away

The very famous singer Tania Marissa passed away recently. This news has left her family members and loved ones in deep shock. She was very young and was establishing herself in the singing world. 

Tania Marissa’s death-

Tania Marissa was a singer and songwriter who lived in New Jersey, United States of America. Besides being a singer, Marissa was also a vocalist and lyricist. She was part of a famous band and creator at Yummm Pandas. 

Beyonce and Madonna highly inspired her. News has been circulating on social media that Tania Marissa passed away. The news was said to be false before, but this was confirmed recently. 

A user on Instagram shared her picture and said that the singer had passed away. This news shook the entire social media as she was very young. 

Tania Marissa Death News

Her fans immediately started to pour in condolence messages and love-filled posts on social media. They expressed their immense grief over the news. Marissa had spent a little time in the music industry but still had a large fan base. Many people are storming the social media over the cause of her death, but there has not been any substantial information. The real cause of the death of the talented singer is not known yet. 

A rumor is there that the police are investigating the case themselves. Therefore, the cause of the death will soon come out. Moreover, her singing style includes the genres Hip–Hop, Country, Jazz, Indie, Electronic, and others. 

Her songs appeared melodious to her fans. Some of her famous songs are ‘Groove in my soul,’ ‘You are the one,’ ‘Dance with me,’ and ‘I can tell.’ 

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