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Fashion Designer Mary Quant Passed Away at 93

Mary Quant
source: BBC

It’s devastating to report the death of Mary Quant, a legendary fashion designer. On Thursday, the world lost a brilliant British designer and fashion legend. She passed away surrounded by her loved ones. The news of their passing is devastating to the fashion industry. Her loved ones are heartbroken at her passing. Since the internet leaked the news of her death, many people have been left devastated and wondering about her life and her cause of death.

Mary Quant Cause of Death

Family members have confirmed the death of fashion designer Mary Quant. At 93 years old, she was an iconic figure in the history of the miniskirt and hot pants. According to the Victoria and Albert Museum, “no conclusive evidence” exists to determine who pioneered the miniskirt. But Dame Mary made it her signature look. She was a major force in the 1960s fashion industry, and her simple, colourful creations are often credited with democratising the industry. Dame Mary Quant passed away “peacefully at home in Surrey, UK, this morning,” according to a statement made on behalf of her family.

A brilliant creator of the Swinging Sixties, Dame Mary was 93 years old and one of the most famous fashion designers of the 20th century.When she started Bazaar on the Kings Road in 1955, her visionary and inventive skills immediately impacted British fashion. Bazaar was one of the few stores in London to provide a completely unique shopping experience, with blaring music, free beverages, and extended hours. On Twitter, former British Vogue editor Alexandra Shulman said, “RIP Dame Mary Quant. A pioneer in women’s business and the fashion industry as a whole, this visionary had much more going for her than just her hairstyle.

While tweeting about Dame Mary’s creations, the V&A Museum said, “It’s difficult to overestimate Quant’s significance to fashion. She was a new role model for young women and epitomised the liberated spirit of 1960s fashion. The current state of fashion is largely due to her innovative ideas.

Fashion Designer Mary Quant Passed Away at 93

Source: BBC News

Who is Mary Quant?

Mary Quant, a legendary figure in the world of fashion, passed away on Thursday, April 13, 2019, at the age of 93. A family member has verified the tragic news of her passing. Since her death was reported online, many people have been left startled and heartbroken, and they likely wonder what led to his untimely demise. According to the article, she passed away at her Surrey home. She probably passed away from old age. If you want to learn more about the news, here is the best place to do it.

Mary Quant, the cherished daughter of Jack and Mildred Quant, was born on February 11, 1930, in Blackheath, London. She finished her schooling with honours at Cardiff University. As with him, she graduated from Blackheath High. Her finest work brought her great success, yet her loved ones will sorely miss her. Many individuals have taken to social media to express their sorrow to her family and pay honour to her life.

Mary Quant Career

In the world of fashion, Dame Barbara Mary Quant was a legend. By the 1960s, she had emerged as a prominent character in London’s Mod and youth fashion scenes. She claimed that the miniskirt and hotpants were her creations, that she was a great fashion designer. She opened a store on Kings Road called Bazaar, where she first sold clothes purchased from wholesalers. Her collection’s most daring and remarkable items started getting noticed by publications like Harper’s Bazaar. Her relatives say she was a groundbreaking fashion innovator and 20th-century icon.

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