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Faziani Rohban Ahmad, skincare brand owner, dead, family seeks investigation

Faziani Rohban Ahmad, skincare brand owner, dead, family seeks investigation

Faziani who worked to solve skin issues and created a brand about it was visiting Thailand. she met with a car accident with her husband in the tourist popular country. She left the world in May 2019 early morning. she gathered the best information about skin care out there to create a range of products that helped women get better skin. She left the world at a very early age.

Who was Faziani Rohban Ahmad?

Faziani came up with the idea and execution of Dnars skincare range. She worked all her life to create feasible solutions to skin issues. she was 40 years of age. She was raised in Kota Bharu, Kelantan. the east coast of Bernama helped her grow her business. A husband and a son survive her. She was associated with many charity organizations and she spent a good amount of fortune on needy

family lodges complaint:

After three years of her death, the family has found some evidence and they want Thai police to investigate the late entrepreneur’s death. Their lawyer spent a good amount of work gathering information. it seems the death was unusual.

Faziani Rohban Ahmad, skincare brand owner, dead, family seeks investigation

“We suspect that her death was not due to a car crash which was why we filed this police report,” one of the family members made the claim to a newspaper.

her husband shah Rizal Ibrahim was also traveling with her at the time of the accident. He also got injured in the same accident. The married couple was on their way to Yala when the fateful incident happened.

Tumpat police chief Amran Dolah said the lethal incident happened in Thailand so the legal department will take care of the case. Faziani’s car was hit by a truck on a vacant road.

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