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Fire Chief Jim Flanders passes away after years of service to Minnetonka

Fire Chief Jim Flanders passes away after years of service to Minnetonka

Jim Flanders was a hero firefighter for the Minnetonka fire department. His death has brought sadness to the entire Fire department.

on Sunday morning, it was officially announced top firefighter of Minnetonka city is no more. Jim Flanders was found dead at his home. Jim probably died a natural death. The ambulance was called when he was found not breathing and not responsive. the team of first responders tried their best to revive him but he was already gone by that time. the medical officials gave the death certificate to the family and made a clear announcement that the hero Jim Flanders is no more breathing and he is dead.

Minnetonka city chief paid tributed to Jim Flanders:

Minnetonka city chief called the press to inform the death of their fiercest firefighter Jim Flanders. He said Jim was a brother and he is no more and that break his heart. it is devastating for the entire team. His sudden death has filled the department with grief.

“He was always at his post helping our community prepare for and deal with emergencies,” Vance said.

Jim Flanders was awarded by the entire city in 2021:

Flanders also gave his services as Assistant Chief of Emergency Medical Services & Emergency Management. He was awarded the spirit of Minnetonka in after the entire city officials voted for him to be the spirit of the city.

Fire Chief Jim Flanders passes away after years of service to Minnetonka

“Jim was an indispensable resource for our community and also known by our residents,” Minnetonka City Manager Mike Funk told the media in an official statement.

City officials have yet to announce the funeral and service date. he will soon be given a proper official service from the department.

the department will discuss the last rites with the family of late fire chief Jim Flanders.

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