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Firefighter Jared Burns Died: What is Firefighter Jared Burns Cause of Death?

Firefighter Jared Burns Cause of Death

Firefighter Jared Burns Cause of Death and Obituary: Recently, the latest news and social media reports have revealed that Essex Fire and Rescue Service member and firefighter JARED BURNS passed away at the age of 42. His family and friends are very saddened by his death. Stay with our article to know all the news related to the death of JARED BURNS.

What Happened to Jared Burns? (Cause of Death and Obituary)

JARED BURNS was a resident of Windsor, Ontario. He was a member of the Essex Fire and Rescue Service. He worked for Vollmer Inc. in Windsor. Recently he died on 9 January 2024 at the age of 42. His death is being mourned by the Essex Fire and Rescue Service. Tributes are being paid to JARED BURNS on social media and heartfelt condolences are being sent to his family. The cause of his death has not been revealed yet.

There was a lot of love for him from the people of the community because he selflessly protected and served his community. He used to risk his life without any fear on the burning buildings to save the people of his community. He left a lasting impression on the Windsor, Ontario community as a firefighter.

What Happened to Jared Burns

Who is Firefighter Jared Burns Wife?

JARED BURNS was living a happy life with his family. He also had brothers and sisters in his family. He was married, his wife’s name is Jennifer Lynn (Martin). They also have two children named Ashlyn and Avery Burns.

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