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Former BT Executive Leslie Winnister Was Given A Life Sentence For The Murder Of His 66-Year-Old Wife

Leslie Winnister
Image credit- The telegraph

A wealthy former BT executive Leslie Winnister has been imprisoned indefinitely for the murder of his nearly 66-year-old wife after growing convinced she was having an affair with the handyman.

Who Is Leslie Winnister?

The Old Bailey heard that when Leslie Winnister, 69, attacked Suzanne Winnister, 66, at their Bexley, Kent, home on September 8, 2017, he had “lost touch with reality.”

Winnister was discovered in a pool of blood and next to a blood-stained marble cutting board in the kitchen of their huge detached home. She had suffered head and neck injuries, according to a post-mortem study. The tragedy occurred six days after a mental health nurse had evaluated Winnister and scheduled a follow-up assessment for the day after his wife’s passing.

Assessment Day

Winnister received a hospital order without time limit earlier today after entering a guilty plea to manslaughter with diminished responsibility.

“The events that led to her death were an unmitigated tragedy for her, for you, and for your family and friends who can barely bring themselves to comprehend what has happened,” Judge Wendy Joseph QC told him.

She described Winnister’s interactions with medical personnel in the weeks leading up to the murder, which culminated in a nurse’s examination on September 2 during which he showed signs of anxiety and paranoia.

What Took Place

A subsequent review was scheduled for one week from now, according to Judge Joseph. Past due. His wife was murdered six days later. This man was not just clearly unwell, but everyone could see it. It was obvious both before and after he killed.

The couple’s relationship deteriorated in late 2019 after Winnister sent a text to her husband intended for the handyman, according to the prosecution’s Bill Emlyn Jones QC.

The defendant questioned her about the “x” she had used to sign off, which she stated was a casual gesture that she actually frequently used in text messages to everyone, according to Emlyn Jones.

Events In The Past

Their relationship grew “intolerable” during the lockdown last spring and summer, the court heard, with “paranoid” Winnister again falsely accusing his wife of adultery, attempting to poison his food, and trading in his Rolex watches for replicas.

Leslie Winnister

Image credit- Daily News

On August 4 of last year, the defendant used a crowbar to strike the handyman before running away from his house. The defendant relocated into a hotel for five weeks after the handyman declined to give a statement, and no further action was taken.

Numerous attempts were made to get the defendant evaluated during that period, and on August 19, his GP reportedly asked for an immediate psychiatric examination, the court heard. Winnister got concerned that her husband was not eating or taking care of himself on September 6, so she agreed to let him return home.

Leslie Was Suffering From Delusional Disorder

On the morning of September 8, Winnister complained to her close friend Beverley Johnson about his “terrible” behaviour and odd behaviour. Family members started to worry that night, and Winnister was discovered in a pool of blood with head and throat wounds.

The defendant was seen wandering through a churchyard with blood on his clothes after leaving for the neighbouring King’s Head tavern. I’ve just had a bad day, he said to police as he was being taken into custody.

Dr. Nigel Blackwood, a psychiatrist who testified, said the defendant had depression and a delusional illness. Winnister, according to him, was crazy and had “completely lost contact with reality” at the time of the murder.

Winnister was questioned by Judge Joseph about his interactions with medical experts who didn’t see the harm he posed to his wife.


1. Who is Leslie Winnister ?

A. He is Former BT Executive

2.What is the height of Leslie Winnister ?

A. Unknown

3. What is his Nationality?


4. How old is Leslie Winnister ?

A. 69 years old

5. Leslie Winnister Diagnosed with ?

A. Delusional disorder

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