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Former classmate Salvador Ramos claims that he was ridiculed at school because of the clothing he wore and because his family was impoverished.

Former classmate Salvador Ramos claims that he was ridiculed at school because of the clothing he wo

According to media accounts, Salvador Rolando Ramos, the 18-year-old shooter who shot and murdered 21 people at a Texas school, including 19 children, worked as a night manager at Wendy’s in Uvalde, a tiny working-class neighbourhood. He came inside Robb Elementary School with a pistol and a semiautomatic rifle, wearing body armour, and began fire on the students. The motivation of the gunman is unknown.

How did people react to the news?

According to accounts in the US media, he “loved to joke around,” according to persons who knew him. His coworkers told the New York Times that he “went out of his way to stay to himself” and that no one truly knew him.

Two parents who claimed to be friends of the gunman’s family characterised him as serious and said he had a temper, according to the New York Times. In his earlier years, he was known to talk back to his mother. Both were startled, though, that he was capable of such aggression.

Former classmate Salvador Ramos claims that he was ridiculed at school because of the clothing he wo

What does the cops have to talk about Salvador Rolando Ramos?

Ramos shot and gravely injured his grandmother at her home, the residence indicated on the gunman’s driver’s licence, before proceeding to the school, according to state police.

His friends and family described him as a lonely 18-year-old who “was ridiculed for a childhood speech impairment, suffered from a tumultuous home life, and lashed out violently at peers and strangers recently and over the years,” according to the Washington Post.

Ramos is said to have dropped out of school due to bullying. According to the study, “he skipped large periods of high school and was not on schedule to graduate with them this year.”

According to the Washington Post, which cited one of his pals, “About a year ago, Ramos shared photographs of automatic guns that he “would have on his wish list” on social media. He shared photographs of two guns he referred to as “my gun pics” four days ago “.

Ramos had a tumultuous home life, according to sources, with regular fights with his mother, who is apparently a drug addict. According to sources, Ramos was fatally shot by police.

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