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Former Playboy model, Kelsey Nichole Turner, Convicted Of Psychiatrist’s Murder

Kelsey Nichole Turner
Kelsey Nichole Turner; image credits - Daily Mail

A former men’s magazine model was given a 10-to-25-year jail term on Tuesday in Nevada for the murder of a California doctor, the whose bludgeoned body was discovered in the back of her abandoned vehicle just outside of Las Vegas in 2019.

Kelsey Nichole Turner

Kelsey Nichole Turner; image credits – The Washington Post

Partner Of Kelsey Nichole Turner In Murder

The so-called Alford plea and negotiated sentence for 29-year-old Kelsey Nichole Turner were accepted in November, avoiding a trial. She recognized that second-degree murder in the death of 71-year-old psychiatrist Thomas Kirk Burchard of Salinas, California, might be established by the prosecution. Turner, a former model for the magazine Maxim and Playboy Italia, remained silent in court.

Her sentence came after her ex-boyfriend Jon Logan Kennison, 29, was given a prison term of 18 to 45 years in July. He admitted to conspiring and second-degree murder. In June 2019, Pena, a former bartender at a hotel on the Las Vegas Strip who is now 34, entered a plea of guilty to accessory to murder. She claimed that after Burchard was killed, she assisted in cleaning the crime scene before leaving Las Vegas with Kennison & Turner. Later, Kennison was detained in Las Vegas, while Turner was detained in Salinas.

Kelsey Nichole Turner’s Relationship With Victim

Turner allegedly had “an intense relationship” with Burchard, according to police and prosecutors, and Burchard was responsible for paying the rent on the Las Vegas property where Turner and Kennison shared a residence with Diana Nicole Pena. When Burchard went missing, his longtime Salinas girlfriend Judy Earp reported him missing. According to the police, Turner, Kennison, and Pena appeared to have abruptly left the house after Burchard was brutally murdered. The Clark County coroner determined that Burchard was killed by being struck in the head with an unknown instrument, leaving what the police described as a distinctive pattern.

In addition, according to the police, they discovered a door that had been smashed in half, blood, cleaning products, and objects with Kennison’s name in a bedroom, as well as what seemed to be blood, footprints, and additional cleaning goods in the garage. According to investigators, the blue and white bath towels discovered at the residence matched a towel discovered with Burchard’s body in Turner’s blue Mercedes-Benz coupe. Police say a baseball bat and Pena’s and Kennison’s fingerprints were recovered in the vehicle.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal reported that Earp claimed Turner “lured” Burchard to Las Vegas in 2019 by claiming she was ill and couldn’t afford to care for her child. In court on Tuesday, Earp alleged Turner of forging Burchard’s signature as well as stealing money from him. In March 2019, according to police and prosecutors, Turner, Kennison, and Pena murdered Burchard and dumped his body into the trunk of Turner’s automobile. Near Las Vegas and indeed the Lake Mead National Recreation Area, the car was discovered abandoned on a rural road. According to the Review-Journal, Turner and his public defender Ashley Sisolak told Clark County District Court Judge Carli Kierny that they thought the plea bargain was the best way to end the case.

Kelsey Nichole Turner’s Early Life

Turner was raised in Jonesboro, Arkansas, and was conceived on May 5, 1993, in Norfolk, Virginia. Her studies were finished at Arkansas State University. She later began working as a lingerie & swimwear model in the fashion industry. She also lived in Salinas, California, and Las Vegas, Nevada, back when she was modeling. Turner has additionally experienced domestic abuse at the hands of her ex-boyfriend Joe Logan Kennison. In her late teens, she relocated to California. Before relocating to Nevada, she had two children and resided in the major city of Salinas. Turner wed Taylor Holmes in 2010, and they separated in 2013. Later in 2014, she wed Joe Turner, with whom she later got divorced.


1. What is the age of Kelsey Nichole Turner?

Ans. age 29 years

2. When is Kelsey Nichole Turner’s birthday?

Ans. 5 May 1993

3. What is the name of the psychiatrist Kelsey Nichole Turner murdered?

Ans. Thomas Kirk Burchard

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