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Founder Of Migrant Worker Rights Group (Home) Mrs Bridget Tan dies

Bridget Tan

There is a piece of unfortunate news coming from Singapur that the founder of the Humanitarian Organization for Migration Economics (Home), Mrs. Bridget Tan, has left the world. As this news went viral, all of her followers got depressed. She was 73 years old, and according to some trusted sources, it was confirmed that she was having health-related problems and when these problems became the cause of her death. 

The health care staff and a well-organized team of doctors try to maintain her health stable, but her condition war is going from bad to worse, and finally, she dies of her health problems. When the news of Mrs. Bridget Tan’s death was released, a considerable crowd publicly, mainly her followers and believers, paid tribute to him. 

There are a lot of news channels that are continuously covering the case. Over the last months, her health has also decreased, and on Monday, she finally died. As the news of Mrs. Bridget Tan is released, her shocked fan reactions are coming on the internet on different platforms because losing the ideal person of her life is more painful than anything. All of her fans and supporters are paying tribute to Mrs. Bridget Tan and wishing Mrs. Bridget Tan’s family well in the wake of their loss to keep their strength up to deal with the pain.


Who Was Bridget Tan?

Mrs. Bridget Tan was the founder of the Humanitarian Organization for Migration Economics (HOME), but apart from this, she was also a very successful Singaporean migrant worker’s rights advocate. She gained a lot of popularity through her work. Mrs. Bridget Tan was born on September 29th, 1948. Mrs. Bridget Tan loves her place; therefore, she has never gone to any other area for any things. More likely, she finished her whole study in the same place where she lived. 

Even though Mrs. Bridget Tan was interested in advocacy at the same time, she also wanted to reach new heights. This led to great success, but she is no longer close to her.

Cause of death:

To some news sources, there is no doubt about her death, and it was confirmed that she died due to poor and unrecoverable health problems.

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