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Frank Clarke Dies: Dublin’s Artist Died At The Age Of 84

Frank Clarke
Image credit- WRIC

A television personality and artist named Frank Clarke has passed away. Check out this post to learn more about what happened to him and Frank Clarke’s cause of death.

Who Was Frank Clarke?

Irishman Dublin is where Frank Clarke was born. After taking an early retirement from a career that includes clothing designing and real estate development, he made the decision to start painting as a hobby.

His Career In Art

He joined a painting group but quickly felt outclassed and intimidated. After six weeks, he departed the company after learning that he lacked the gift. But he wasn’t the kind to give in easily. He was determined to pursue his interest whether or not he had the gift.

Frank’s First Novel

Frank’s first book outsold any other book on art education put together in its first year of publication in Ireland.

He has produced almost 400 programmes thus far. Due to the global telecast of these shows, Frank has gained popularity in the US, UK, and Australia. Frank has moreover appeared on every major chat programme in those countries.

Frank Clarke

Image credit- RIP. ie

Frank Clarke Career In Media

Through his books, TV shows, videos, seminars, and classes, Frank has taught millions of people how to paint. He also has some more entertaining techniques. He recently had his show broadcast in China, and he is currently putting the finishing touches on a 26-part series based on his travels there.

He also just lately launched his own YouTube channel. He has accomplished a lot for someone without “the talent.” Why not partake in this lovely pastime with him?

Cause Of Death of Frank Clarke

According to his family, the 84-year-old Dubliner who was best known for his TV series Simply Painting passed away abruptly yesterday after a protracted illness. His television show on RTÉ ran for eight years from the beginning of the 1990s and was shown all over the world, including in the US, Australia, and all of Europe. He also produced a series in China.

Today, his friends described him as a man who loved to teach and sketch. Mr. Clarke began painting after taking an early retirement from a career that included clothing design and real estate development.


1. Who was Frank Clarke?

A. He was a Artist

2. Where did he from?

A. Dublin

3. How old was Frank Clarke?

A. 84 years old

4. How did Frank Clarke died?

A. Due to illness

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