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Frankston Man Arrested after stealing a car with a child inside it

Frankston Man Arrested

The man did not know the child was inside the car when he was carjacking and only came to know about it after he took off.

In a bizarre case that puzzled the authorities and the public alike, a man tried to steal a car that had an eleven months old child in the backseat. He was caught shortly afterward and was arrested by the officers who caught him. 

The mother told the police that she had stopped near the roadside and exited the still-running Toyota. Just then, in a very sudden turn of events, an unidentified man leaped into the driver’s seat and drove away. She tried to chase him and called for help but it was useless at the time. At approximately 2.10 P.M. on Tuesday, she notified the authorities and they were dispatched to complaints that a white 2013 Toyota RAV 4 with registration HIS 5OZ had been stolen in Keysborough, Melbourne’s south-east.

Who is the Frankston man?

Around 5.40 P.M., the automobile was discovered near Cranbourne, with the infant safely inside and unharmed by the event. His family has already been reunited with him. The man arrested inside the car was Dean Robertson, aged 46.

He is charged with theft, kidnapping, offending while on bail, and driving without a license. The Frankston resident will be kept in jail until May 24, although the court indicated he might ask for parole before that anyway.

He had already not shown up in Melbourne Magistrates Court on Wednesday and declined to attend a session on Thursday, despite having an officer at Dandenong Police Station encouraging him to attend the session using his mobile phone. He was not presented in front of a jury in person because of the Covid-19 restrictions.

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