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Fred Bracher, a teacher at The Castle High School dies at 54

Fred Bracher, a teacher at The Castle High School dies at 54

Our teachers are the guiding lights who teach us about everything we know. As students, we are taught by these people to be better humans and to be better at a given subject. The loss of these teaching figures in our lives is always a harsh reality to face. The students of The Castle High School are going through this rough reality as their beloved teacher, Fred Bracher, passes away unexpectedly at the age of 54. 

The whole school, including the students and the teachers, is in mourning after the passing of their beloved teacher Fred Bracher.   Fred Bracher, an English teacher at the Castle high school, died on Thursday morning at his residence, as per school administration. Fred Bracher was a good father of two, a mentor, and a spouse. According to past pupils, he welcomed everyone he met as if they were family.

A former student of Fred Bracher, Leslie White, told the local news station, I found out about it this morning, it was very upsetting to me. The thing about Mr. Bracher was, he understood the need to be different and he allowed us to do that. It gave you a sense of confidence you wouldn’t be able to imagine. It made you want to work harder and improve as a student and a person. He did that with everyone he touched.”

The school administration shared the grief with the community in a heartfelt official release, “Our thoughts are with his family during this difficult time. This loss is sure to raise many emotions, concerns, and questions for the entire school, especially our students.” According to the school’s statement, the Crisis Intervention Team will be ready to help kids, families, and school staff deal with the grief.

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