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Friends Of Jeremy Renner Are Concerned About His Future Mobility As A Result Of Surgery

Jeremy Renner
Image credit- Us today

As many people are aware, Jeremy Renner has been in a difficult situation since since he was involved in a horrible accident at the beginning of the year that left him with serious injuries.

He was critically ill when he was admitted to the hospital in Reno, Nevada, on January 1. However, an urgent surgery saved his life.

Renner’s family expressed gratitude to the hospital and all those involved when the procedure was determined to be successful. However, the actor’s family members are still concerned about his capacity to walk at all in the future because a doctor has expressed “severe reservations” that he would ever be able to do so.

The Accident And Subsequent Healing For Jeremy Renner

The snow-plowing accident that the Hawkeye star was involved in left him with some very fatal wounds. Renner reportedly lost a lot of blood, but he was fortunate that a doctor neighbour came to his aid and bandaged his damaged leg until an air ambulance could take him to the hospital.

Renner himself also thanked everyone in an Instagram story, writing: “Thank you for starting this journey, Renowned Medical ICU team.”

Many are concerned that his recovery may be sluggish and protracted because of the severity of his wounds.

Jeremy Renner

Does Jeremy Renner Risk Losing A Leg?

Although Renner’s circumstances are stable at the moment, his closest friends and family are concerned that his legs might not function as they once did. He might need to amputate one of his legs and use a prosthetic appendage in its place, or the damage could be permanent.

Jeremy Renner Gone Through Two Sever Surgeries

Jeremy has already undergone two delicate procedures, a source said. But it’s quite unlikely that he will ever be able to walk correctly – or at all. If he doesn’t lose the leg entirely, his loved ones are concerned that the injury was severe enough to prevent him from moving the way he used to.

The Arrival star may need rods placed in his legs if things get worse, according to a second Florida specialist. It is crucial to keep in mind that none of these things have been confirmed as of yet.

Although living with an appendage has problems, it does not spell doom. The actor is anticipated to recover and even improve with time if proper care and therapy are provided. It will be difficult for him to reprise his role as Hawkeye given his current circumstances, but only time will tell what other acting jobs he may take on in the future.


1. Who is Jeremy Renner?

A. He is an American popular Actor

2. What is his profession?

A. Actor

3. What is Jeremy Renner Nationality?


4. How old is Jeremy Renner?

A. 52 years old

5. What happened to Jeremy Renner?

A. He is severely injured

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