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From Coppell ISD, know about the Indian American Shaan Pritmani Bullying Video viral, know who the Sam Wellington is.

From Coppell ISD, know about the Indian American Shaan Pritmani Bullying Video viral, know who the Sam Wellington is.

Of the Coppell independent school district board, Wellington is the part of the one who utilized his link For his defense of one of his inhuman children. However, Sam is putting all his efforts into guiding his son’s behavior. As his son also tried to choke the Shaan Pritmani, he kept all of his support for his son. Also, there was the board of directors about the behavior of sam son. He has not cared much about that.

Know from Coppell ISD who Is Sam Wellington- 

On 1st May 2021, Wellington was the bully’s father, and he was the one who choked Shann Pritmani’s neck. And he was the one who had run for the election at Coppell for the seven places on the Independent School District board for his two children, and he had lost the election. In Ballotpedia 2021, Sam has not participated in the details of Candidate Connection. 

The Coppell ISD Board of Trustees he has run on about his children has not given enough information. As he was having a relationship with board members, an unfair decision has taken the step. And also, his children got involved in the persecution of Shann. While Shann got a suspension for the three days and being the child of Sam, the bully got a suspension for one day. Also, many people give an unfair notation to the system. 

Sam Wellington

Many people said that he is ashamed of their behavior because people think that he was the one who had the pressure on the school for his son’s suspension. On the social media page, they had also posted their number. 

Know about the Shaan Pritmani Bullying Video-

Said that child has got involved in the persecution of Shann. Although there was Shann, who got a suspension for three days and was a child of Sam, got a one-day suspension for the bully. 

A video got viral on social media of Shann Pritamani’s bullying. In the video, it was Shann who was a victim, and the victim’s neck got choked by their son Sam. Some people are concerned about physical activities. In the USA, there is hate for Hindus. They had also asked for a serious investigation, and there was a clear motive for bullying.

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