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Gabriel Monteiro 15 Year Old: The Police filed the case.

Gabriel Monteiro 15 Year Old

Officials are currently questioning Gabriel Monteiro about sexual intercourse with a female kid. After Gabriel’s images were released, he filed a complaint with the 42nd Police Station. The two walked immediately to the police station to make a complaint about the exposure of their photos. However, when it was revealed that the girl was just 15 years old, the case went global.

The Rio de Janeiro police department is now looking into the issue, and the fact that the girl involved is only 15 years old has sparked people’s interest in the situation. The general public’s attention has been called to this matter since a 15-year-old girl has been accused of having a sexual relationship with deputy Gabriel Monteiro.

The images were taken with their permission.

They both testified that they went into an intimate relationship of their own volition and that the photographs were shot with their permission, but they had no idea how the photographs got out. He went on to say that the girl in the circumstance notified him that she was of legal drinking age. Both accepted their relationship, stating that it began ten months ago and that their respective families were also aware of it.

The Civil Police are currently probing Gabriel on charges of sexual and moral harassment and child exploitation. The Rio de Janeiro police department is also looking for the leakers of their covert images, and the individual or people responsible for the disclosures will be captured shortly.

The Police filed the case.

Rio de Janeiro cops are looking into an intimate video of deputy Gabriel Monteiro, 27, having sex with a 15-year-old girl. After realizing that the images had been leaked, the two went straight to the 42nd Police Station to submit a report. Both parties authorized the intimate contact and the filming, according to their statements to the Police. Gabriel also stated that the young lady would inform him that he was of legal drinking age. 

The couple also stated that Gabriel Monteiro’s contact with the young woman began about ten months ago and that the family was aware of it. Even the girl’s mother confirmed the story. Gabriel Monteiro is being investigated by the Rio de Janeiro Civil Police and the Public Ministry on claims of moral and sexual harassment and child exploitation and harassment.

Former employees of the former gendarmerie and YouTuber MP indicted him in a complaint released last Sunday on Globo’s Fantástico show. Rio de Janeiro’s third-largest member of parliament alleged that two former aides were responsible for the leaks and that the suspect should be invited to testify.

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