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Gaming News: ‘Kirby And The Forgotten Lands’ and ‘Stalker-2’ Will Launch Soon

Were you looking for some interesting gaming news for a long time? You will find a lot of curiosity related to gaming in the minds of game lovers. However, it is time to put an end to the suspense and allow people to know about several exciting announcements and interesting projects. This news includes the date of release of “Kirby and the Forgotten Lands”. In addition, the twisted Metal reboot is getting its new developer; on the other hand, Stalker 2 has quite a delay in its launching, reports TheGamer.

‘Kirby And The Forgotten Lands’  

“Kirby and the Forgotten Lands” have disclosed their release date as of March 25, so they are only two months away. Here we get a closer look at the game’s new trailer in which gamers will be exploring and the world in which Kirby will participate in various activities like fishing and cooking. In addition, it has informed that the game will have a co-op mode of playing, which allows gamers to team up with albeit and Waddle Dee buddy via local multiplayer, reports The Indian Express.

Twisted Metal Reboot again swirled into rumours, but after that, now it’s finalized that Sony’s newly acquired Studio, Firesprite Studio, has now taken over the charge of development, with key developers Lucid. Although the reasons behind shifting have not been disclosed publically, it can be the poor performance of Destruction AllStars. 

‘Stalker-2’, Still In Queue

According to Polygon, the GSC game world needs more time in launching its new addition of “Stalker2-Heart of Chernobyl” unfortunately, this upset its gamers. The studio said that instead of April arriving as planned earlier, the game will now launch in December. They said that these seven months were needed to achieve the visions and desired state of the game. This is one of the biggest projects of GSC, which requires polishing and testing. This delay also shows that this project should need a lot of tuning and tweaking. 

Finally, at the starting of the year 2022, game lovers got a lot of news of excitement, and a delay of seven months for “Stalker2” will prove fruitful for its lovers. 


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