Earlier this year during E3 2018 in Los Angeles, fans who have been eagerly waiting for Hideo Kojima and what new game he has in store were treated to a new trailer for his upcoming release: Death Stranding.

A few months following E3, on September 20th-23rd, Tokyo Game Show 2018 hosted it’s convention once again and those who are excited for Death Stranding had another look into the world of the game with a brand new trailer.

As far as we know for the game, it is going to be very dark, disturbing and emotional as we follow the character that actor Norman Reedus portrays. We also know that the world of Death Stranding has elements of futurism and fantasy as there are these interesting mythical creatures and beings that walk the earth.

What the newest trailer for Death Stranding reveals is a new character that we have not seen before who seems to be another antagonist that will be encountered sometime during the gameplay. We also see a new mythical creature that is summoned. It is most likely that this may be some sort of boss battle that will occur but it’s still too soon to know for sure what exactly Hideo Kojima has planned for the game.

Regardless, the excitement and anticipation for the game are intensified and we can only wait for when more information is revealed for the game!



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