HOUSTON, TX, July 1, 2016 — Prominent Hallyu Vlogger and multihyphenate content creator Michael Smith-Grant (Popo) has officially begun his branding transition from Hallyu Wave entertainment to the world of gaming. This is not a complete departure from K-pop and related media, but a greatly anticipated return to his YouTube origins in the gaming genre.

Smith-Grant explains, “As most may know, I got my start on YouTube as a gamer. After developing my upstart media company, Seoulwave, which caters towards the South Korean entertainment industry, I found myself overlapping content. With multiple hiatuses happening over the course of the year, I have decided to fully rebrand and return to the competitive gaming and E-sports. My K-pop content will now primarily exist with Seoulwave, while MisterPopoTV, my YouTube channel, undergoes a transition away from K-pop content and into gaming.” He also intends to discuss gaming news and other engaging topics on his channel.

To assist in this entertainment overhaul, Smith-Grant has incorporated Multifaetedacg Productions LLC (MACG Productions) as consultants. The Houston-based multimedia entertainment company strives to create timeless visual content through digital and live events that reaches a diverse audience and inspires others to connect to the world. He shares, “It is a new experience for me as I make a huge transition and I feel confident, but most importantly, comfortable working with MACG Productions. With the foresight of the MACG Productions team, I feel optimistic, especially with returning to gaming and the rebranding of my main youtube channel.”

“Michael is an inspiration to K-pop fans and young entrepreneurs all over the world. We are beyond honored to be a part of his journey and help him towards his goals of success,” states Tasha Pipkins, Assistant Creative Director, MACG Productions. Smith-Grant views the partnership as a positive contribution towards encouraging greater business and personal life balance.


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