Horror, Inc. gaming thrill and personal favorite “Friday the 13th: The Game” has met what appears to be its definitive end on Sept. 28, 2018. Original screenwriter Victor Miller won round one of the ongoing legal battles between himself and director Sean Cunningham/Horror, Inc. The case stems from the debate over the use of intellectual property and is best understood in simple terms in an article from “Bloody Disgusting.”

Horror, Inc. issued a formal statement concerning the conclusion:

We are disappointed in the court’s ruling and disagree with its conclusion.  We are considering our options, including an appeal.  We understand that this ruling has created confusion among some fans of the franchise and, more specifically, “Friday the 13th: The Game” players who have questions about new Friday the 13th content in the game.

The court was very clear that its ruling in favor of Mr. Miller is limited to the original screenplay in which Jason’s mother is the killer and that Mr. Miller’s termination notice did not purport to terminate Horror, Inc.’s separate copyright in the iconic supernatural killer who wears a hockey mask.  While the ruling does not prevent Gun (Media) from continuing to sell and operate the existing game, it may complicate adding certain content to the current game in the future.

In short, the parties involved still retain the right to distribute the existing title of the game, developments in the future could be discussed, but likely updates and immediate developments are still on hold. It is disappointing, but hey, it is October and there’s no better way to honor the spookiness of the month than for gamers to play what is still available to us.

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