In 2016, mobile gamers were introduced to the visual novel Mystic Messenger. Created by the Korean company Cheritz, Mystic Messenger allows you to play as a young woman who unknowingly stumbles upon a chatroom and you are pulled into a world of party planning, deeply rooted characters, and complex storytelling.

Take a look at the list of characters you will interact with!

jumin_2 (1)

Jumin Han is a wealthy businessman who enjoys drinking wine and being in the company of his cat, Elizabeth 3rd! He doesn’t have a true understanding of commoner life and would prefer coming up with ways to make wine for cats to drink than to deal with trivial things. Money can solve all of his problems, but can it solve the emptiness he feels?

zen_2 (1)

Zen is a rising star with dreams of taking his acting career to the next level. Don’t let that gorgeous face fool you, Zen is an all-around sweetheart. As you dive deeper into his life as a celebrity, you quickly learn Zen needs someone by his side that accepts him for who he is.

707_2 (1)

707 the defender of justice is a chip eating, sleep deprived hacker that always makes time for teasing the young college student, Yoosung. Despite his happy-go-lucky nature, there are secrets that he holds that could put everyone at risk.

yoosung_2 (1)

Yoosung Kim is the only college student amongst the group who is more focused on gaming than he is on studying. His naïve personality makes it all the more fun for 707 to tease him. Yoosung has a good heart but needs to learn to move forward. Will it be you that helps him?

jaehee_2 (1)

Jaehee Kang is Jumin’s assistant who deserves a raise and paid vacation for all the hard work she has accomplished. Even with a successful career, Jaehee desires a life that allows her to follow her true passion.

You have the option of playing through two types of stories, casual or deep. Casual Story allows you to choose between three of the game’s main characters Zen, Yoosung, and Jaehee. The Deep Story will follow the stories of 707 and Jumin Han which will progress the story further.


Each of the characters has their own unique personalities that will make it hard for players to choose who they desire. The phone calls between them and you won’t make this any easier. Yes, they will actually call you!

full (2).jpg

Don’t take too long though, you only have eleven days!

You can find Mystic Messenger on your Android or IOS mobile devices.


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