It has been two months since the release of BioWare’s highly anticipated game, Mass Effect: Andromeda. The hype leading up to the release of the spin-off of the original Mass Effect trilogy has attracted both veteran gamers and those who are new to the franchise or new to gaming as a whole.

Mass Effect: Andromeda is a continuation of the immensely popular and successful Mass Effect trilogy. In 2007, we followed Commander Shepard on a journey that has endured over ten years with the third installment signifying the end of Shepard’s story.

In this newest installment, we join the Ryder twins who have taken up the title as Pathfinders, explorers searching for worlds that can host not only humans but also other extraterrestrial species.

In this futuristic universe, you follow the Ryder of your choice and their team for a thrilling single player campaign. You have the option of choosing the twins, either male or female protagonist, while the non-playable twin remains absent. You’re provided with a team that ranges from humans to numerous memorable species that have all been featured in previous games; no Mass Effect game would be complete without the Krogan, Salarians, Turians, and Asari fighting by your side.

While playing as Commander Shepard is no longer an option and soaring through space on the Normandy is nothing but a distant memory, Mass Effect: Andromeda still greets gamers with difficulties equal to those in previous games. Frustrating politicians, the option of romancing Ryder with any of the diverse cast of characters, and saving an entire galaxy from a major threat provides a perfect blend of nostalgia and a new and improved gaming experience.

While on the topic of nostalgia, anyone who remembers the driving mechanics of the Mako from the first Mass Effect has nothing to worry about as BioWare has learned its lesson and the Nomad is fully functional.

As the world of gaming continues to progress in this highly competitive industry, so do gamers’ expectations when it comes to content, features, and overall improvements with each continuous game release.

Overall there have been mixed reviews from gamers voicing their disapproval or approval of the game’s mechanics. The animation and character creation are the top two, but definitely not the only underwhelming features, that many gamers feel fail to live up to the massive hype that has been built up over the past five years. Just to mention a few examples, prior to the recent patch update, unnatural mouth movements and dull detailed eyes made the cut scenes almost unbearable to watch. Hair choices and face modifying were also very limited which is highly disappointing because video games, even more so than films, are supposed to be an impressive visual experience. But setting minor visual and detail flaws aside, an engaging story, exceptional cinematic scenes, and passion for this beloved franchise manage to successfully keep gamers satisfied.

Mass Effect Scenery

Follow the Ryder of your choice and a unique team that gamers have the opportunity to assemble themselves, as you embark on an epic futuristic quest, fight for survival, and aim to find a new home in Mass Effect: Andromeda.

This latest installment set in the Mass Effect universe proves to be an enjoyable nostalgia trip while also establishing a new era of gaming that will definitely stand the test of time.


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