Jan. 29, 2019 surely cannot come fast enough for Kingdom Hearts fans. After many years of waiting, with different games released in between, “Kingdom Hearts 3” is finally going to be released to the world. The trailers for the game revealed new worlds such as Tangled, Toy Story and Arendelle of Frozen.

One of the newest additions and big reveals happens to be that Sora and friends are going to be teaming up with Hiro and Baymax in San Fransokyo for “Big Hero 6.” This comes as a new world to explore in the game. The possibilities for exploration are endless.

Looking at the trailer and the images that are posted on the official Kingdom Hearts Twitter account,  Baymax is a character that can be put into your party while trying to defeat Heartless. As Baymax can fly, Sora can catch a ride on his back just like Baymax’s companion Hiro. The trailer also reveals some of the mini games that can be played that take place in San Fransokyo.

Although we only have a taste of what to expect in the game, there is much wonder as to which specific plot point Kingdom Hearts 3 is going to focus on. The Big Hero 6 plot will definitely take place as the team is already formed and fighting crime within the city. However, who is going to be the antagonist? Will it be a villain from the movie, or will it be one of the Organization XIII members that have taken over the Big Hero 6 world? We can only assume until we get our hands on the game itself when it releases in a a few months. Till then, how excited are you for Kingdom Hearts 3 and the Big Hero 6 world that is joining the family?


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  1. I’ve been waiting for this game so long I can’t even believe it’s real. LoL this big hero six world seems like a nice add on though I’m still the most excited about toys story.

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