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Gangsta Boo Dies: The Three 6 Mafia Memphis Rapper Died At The Age Of 43

Gangsta Boo
Image credit- Fox News

Rapper Gangsta Boo from Memphis, who was a member of the group Three 6 Mafia, passed away at the age of 43. Although an autopsy is pending and no official cause of death has been disclosed, sources close to the rapper, whose actual name was Lola Mitchell, informed TMZ that her cause of death was drug-related.

The sources also stated that Gangster Boo had been at a concert with her brother the previous evening when her brother needed medical attention for an overdose.

Who Was Gangsta Boo?

Lola Mitchell was a poet in Memphis, Tennessee, before becoming Gangsta Boo. She started writing poetry at a young age, and she told her father her poems, according to Pitchfork.

Her father gave her a keyboard and a karaoke machine after seeing how much she loved poetry. Mitchell’s life was thereafter changed by this gift, and she quickly rose to prominence as a female rapper.

Drug Use Is Reportedly The Cause Of Death

Although it hasn’t been verified, Gangsta Boo’s death was reportedly caused by a heroin overdose, according to sources close to her. The rapper and her brother, who apparently overdosed on drugs and was taken to the hospital, attended a concert the previous evening.

Although sources claim Gangsta Boo had drugs and items tainted with fetanyl on her when she died, her brother made a full recovery. Official police investigation into the rapper’s passing has begun.

The Separation Of Gangsta Boo From Three 6 Mafia

Gangsta Boo

Image credit- fox News

In 2001, Gangsta Boo disbanded her rap crew, Three 6 Mafia. In a 2012 interview, when asked if she still spoke to any of the group members, she responded, “You understand that I really have no reason to speak with them? I would if I had a good cause, but I don’t.”

She turned to her pastor friend and added that participating in the group had made her feel gloomy. She became active in the church because of her connection with the pastor, which led her to temporarily change her stage name to Lady Boo.

Inspirations For Gangsta Boo

Gangsta Boo cited Mia X as one of her main sources of inspiration in an interview she gave to Passion Weiss in 2012. Because she had Mia X, she said in the interview, she didn’t feel isolated as a female rapper in the field.

Gangsta Boo said that Foxy Brown, Da Brat, and Lil Kim were her role models. Gangsta Boo has worked with a number of prominent hip-hop musicians.

Gangsta Boo Net Worth

Gangsta Boo’s music career has allowed her to accumulate a sizable wealth over the years. According to Celebrity net worth, she had a $2 million estimated net worth at the time of her death. Sales of her albums and other business endeavours accounted for the majority of her net worth.


1. Who was Gangsta Boo?

A. She was a famous Rapper

2. What was Gangsta Boo Nationality?

A. Tennessee

3. How old was Gangsta Boo?

A. 43 years old

4. What happened to Gangsta Boo?

A. She died due to drug overdose

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