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Gary Cabana the suspect for the moma stabbing, speaks out online after the attack video gets famous.

gary cabana

A suspect named Gary Cabana has claimed that he was framed for a stabbing at the Museum of Modern Art in New York and has chastised the historical center for detaining him before the assaults while also criticizing police for missing him.

Cabana, who supposedly dove a blade into the back and collar bones of two historical center representatives before escaping with the knife, emitted via online media on March 13. In a post, he considered the claims against him a “total frame job” by museum authorities.

He claimed to have bipolar confusion in the post and then went on to claim that exposition hall security did not accompany him leave the premises for the two days he allegedly “acted up..”

He then raged about a lady named Barbara who shushed him during a spoof film when he giggled. He described her as a “menace,” claiming that there were no interruptions as everyone said and that people are meeting the one who, according to him, is lying.

Aside from the internet charges, Cabana did not provide any other information about the woman’s identity.

60-year-old Gary Cabana is a native New Yorker. A new video released by police on March 12 shows two workers at the Museum of Modern Art being violently attacked.

The museum was closed on March 13th, according to CBS2, and authorities are still looking for the perpetrator.

In a disturbing video, Cabana, the suspect, hops behind the front counter and repeatedly jumps towards two specialists, hurting two of them, a man and a woman.

According to investigators, the suspect became enraged after learning that his participation in two previous cases of shoddy direct had been denied. He was not allowed to view the movie as a result of this.

The attack occurred just after 4 p.m. Cellphone video obtained by CBS2 shows the chaos that ensued after the assault, as many fled to a safe location as police searched for the perpetrator.

The suspect was photographed three times on the morning of March 13th. Cabana is shown in two images wearing a delicate veil.

The police are still on the lookout for the perpetrator. They further stated that the two individuals in issue, aged 24, were rushed to Bellevue Hospital in stable condition.

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