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Gary Gaines famous for “Friday night lights” passes away at 73

Gary Gaines famous for "Friday night lights" passes away at 73

Gaines, coach of the Texas high school football team whose claim to fame came with the book & movie “Friday Night Lights,” has passed away at 73.

 Close relatives of Gary Gains informed me he died in  Lubbock after many years of battle with Alzheimer’s disease.

Gaines worked with many employers during his 30-year-old career but his claim to fame came when his successful tenure at Odessa Permian received recognition. He worked for 4 years and led a successful program. Gaines then changed some places but then again he was asked by Permians to join them. GaryGains worked most of his life in West Texas and he worked at many places but the work at Odessa changed his life and that was later translated into a book which was adapted into a movie.

Buzz Bissinger’s bestselling book first portrayed the coach Gary Gaines:

Buzz Bissinger’s bestselling book showcased the story of a program and school that prioritized football over books and academics and the racist comments to assistant coaches. The 1988 team made it to the book.

Gaines was upset that the author spent a year during the 1988 team without informing him. He was later played by Billy Bob Thornton in a 2004 movie. Gary Never read the book and he felt betrayed by Bissinger.

The book portrays Gary as someone who is extremely empathetic but at the same time, he wants to win at all costs. The contradictory but great trait made him really famous in the movie. The people so liked his Character that after some time it was also made into TV series.

Gary Gains worked with Permians for 4 years and later he joined the rival team:

Permians had a great campaign in the 1988 season but they could not win the semifinal. James “Boobie” Miles suffered a knee injury and was the star running back for the team. His character was really important in the movie.

The book emotionally captures the scenes the Gains house was on sale, There was an advertisement board in the front yard of the Gains home. His record from 1986-89 was 47-6-1.

“I just can’t find the words to pay respects,”

“It’s a big loss for the coaching profession. There are a lot of coaches he took under his wing and mentored.”

 retired coach Ron King, a former Permian assistant, told the Odessa American. 

After his four-year run at the school, he changed teams and worked with the most fierce competitor  Abilene High and San Angelo Central.

Gaines led the team with a great record for 6 seasons, the last season was absolutely perfect

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