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Gary Rasor: Who Was He? Why Was He Knocked To The Ground By The Masked Suspect

Gary Rasor
Image credit- Fox

According to Hillsborough, North Carolina police, 83-year-old Gary Rasor died as a result of his wounds. Let’s examine Gary Rasor’s identity and the circumstances surrounding the masked assailant’s push to the ground.

How Did Gary Rasor Died?

According to police, Gary Rasor, a home depot employee, died on December 1 as a consequence of complications from his wounds.

The North Carolina Medical Examiner “ruled the death a homicide.” On October 18, the guy was seen leaving the Home Depot with a shopping cart as it was being recorded by security cameras. Three pressure washers were inside, the police reported. An employee named Rasor went over to the suspect’s side but he was pushed to the floor by the culprit.

According to the report, Rasor, who was also known as Mr. Gary in the store, had several fractures and was unable to regain his ability to walk. While in the hospital, he was able to celebrate his 83rd birthday. Sadly, complications from the injuries led to his death on December 3.

Gary Rasor: Who Was He?

Gary, a Durham, North Carolina resident who worked at Home Depot, was 83 years old. Gary’s wife Yovone Rasor, son Jeff Rasor, and grandchildren are left behind.

Gary Rasor and Yovone, his wife, allegedly shared a final moment earlier this week. In October, Gary was knocked to the ground while working at a Home Depot. He was taken to the hospital, where his wounds eventually caused his death.

Image credit- CBS17

According to the authorities, complications from Gary’s accident-related injuries caused him to pass away on Friday night. The suspect was “obscured from witnesses” when he was seen on security camera leaving the store in a white Hyundai Sonata with four doors and a temporary North Carolina licence plate.

As Gary walked up to the masked robber from the depot store, he threw Gary to the ground. The masked individual and the reason for this crime are being sought after by the police. The police asked for the public’s help.

Gary Rasor’s Wife

Before relocating to New Jersey, he and his wife Yovone bought and operated American Fence Company in Melbourne, Florida. Prior to relocating to Durham, North Carolina, where he worked at the Hillsborough Home Depot, he continued in the fencing business for a number of years. Yovone B., Mr. Rasor’s spouse, is left behind.

Police have provided a description of the culprit, who they say is a Black guy with a height of about 6 feet. He allegedly left in a four-door, white Hyundai Sonata, according to their account.


1. Who is Gary Rasor Wife?

A. Wife’s name is Yovone

2. Who was Gary Rasor?

A. He was an USA army veteran

3. When did Gary Rasor was born?

A. He was was born on October 22, 1939.

4. How old was Gary Rasor?

A. 83 years old.

5. What was his height?

A. 1.56 m

6. What was his Nationality?

A. Columbus

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