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George Al-Rassi, a Lebanese artist dies in a terrible traffic accident

George Al-Rassi

George Al-Rassi, a Lebanese artist dies in a terrible traffic accident

Lebanese media have confirmed that Artist George Al-Rassi has died. He met with an accident when he was in traffic. He died in a painful accident when he was returning from the Syrian border after getting some work done on the artist or family front.  His car hit the divider on the road when George Al Rassi crashed into the middle barrier . The International road Separated the Lebanese Syrian Border. The Lebanese media also said that his friend who was in the car at the time they were driving could not survive either, Both the artist and the friend died immediately after they met with the divider. His friend was  Ms. Zina Al-Murabi from Tripoli. The local website said the Civil Defense personnel at the factory center saw a terrible accident and they reached the accident place immediately and pulled out two people almost in dead condition and took them immediately to Taanyael General hospital. The site also published on its Facebook page, pictures showing the serious damage caused to the car, while the comments on the news guessed that the reason for the accident was excessive speed. 

Many Lebanese movie stars paid tribute to the late George Al-Rassi

About the accident, the actress, “Sasha Dahdouh,” said: “The ugliest news of this news is true. George, the loving friend. We don’t forget everything we meet. You always make me laugh and accompany you wherever you are. How difficult is this news?  Jessica Azar also shares her pain over Al-Rassi, saying: “May God have mercy on you and give patience to your family and sisters.” Amani Juha shared the deep shock she went into: “It is very sad the news of the death of the artist, George Al-Rassi, it is difficult and heartbreaking for his family and fans. All my condolences to his sister Nadine Al-Rassi, and may his soul rest in peace. 

George Khalil Al-Rassi had accused a politician’s daughter of attempting to murder him:

George Khalil Al-Rassi was a Lebanese singer 40 years old, born in the village of Salamoun Al-Nash in Lebanon. His family is filled with artists like brother Nadine Al-Rassi, and the husband of the Brazilian-Lebanese model, Joel Hatem. George Al Rassi said there have been attempts to kill him in 2016. He said a Lebanese politician’s daughter is in love with him but he does not love her so he wants to kill her. Sounds like Lebanon is Bollywood 

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