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Girlfriend taken to custody as the father of three, Bradley Lewis dies under mysterious circumstances

Bradley Lewis dies

Bradley Lewis, a 22-year-old young parent to 3 children was found dead at Kingswood, South Gloucestershire. It seemed like he was stabbed with knife wounds and was then rushed to the hospital for emergency treatment.

How and when did Bradley Lewis die?

His girlfriend has been charged with his murder, and the handsome young father of three has been paid tributes by his loved ones. The medical team was called on at around 8:20 p. m on Saturday to the place where he was found stabbed. The doctors tried their best to save him but unfortunately were unable to do the same as he already had lost his life in the early hours of Saturday. Abigail White, Lewis's girlfriend has been taken in custody and asked to appear before Bristol Magistrates Court on the 28th of March. As per the forensic postmortem reports, Bradley seemed to have died from a single stab wound to the chest.

How did Bradley Lewis’s family react to his mysterious death?

The death of the young father Bradley, has shredded his family to which they have paid a tribute saying, “Our wonderful, much-loved son Bradley, taken from us too early.” The investigation on the matter is at pace to find out the list of events that have led to such circumstances. People of the community are saddened by this loss and are paying tributes to the departed soul. Lewis's family are continually being updated by the police regarding the leads of the investigation and are taken good care of by the specially trained liaison officers.

The news of his death spread all over the web and people were paying tributes to him within 48 hours of his demise. With the news of his demise getting viral a photo of the investigation site surfaced over the internet where it was seen that people had left bunches of flowers in the memory of Lewis. His father even read the notes attached to the bunches as said by him. Later, the floral tributes were transferred to a family member's home, but police officers are still stationed in the area, monitoring the property and interacting with neighbors in an attempt to figure out and generate leads about the murder case. We express our heartfelt condolences to Lewis’s family and pray that his soul rests in peace.

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